Modern apartments in Residential Complex Family

This project is interesting with non-standard rooms plan and mansard roof.

The first thing we are seeing when we come to this house is a large room divided into three zones: living room, dining room and the kitchen. Raising our heads, we can see an interesting broken-styled roof with mansard disproportionate windows. The last "building factor" gave us the idea of natural grotto reconstruction, using the lighting elements of the bionic (chic chandelier in the guest area) and stalactite (lamps over the dining area) forms. The floor lamp and sconces of plant form, the fireplace decorated with sandstone, arch window all together strengthen the feeling of a natural non artificial place. A sofa and an armchair by the fireplace create restful atmosphere for a friendly conversation.

In the center of the composition there is a dining area with a round table, beside the dining there is a compact and functional kitchen with a separate pillar for the pencil case and built-in household appliances.

Straight from the kitchen we can pass to the technical room equipped with shelves. There is a place for laundry, a pantry, a water heater. From the living room we can get to the guest bedroom.

The guest bedroom is divided into two zones (recreation and work areas) with a decorative partition made of wood like the opposite wall of the bedroom. And the other side of partition is framed with wallpaper in the same style all over the cabinet. There is a dressing room to the left.

We can get up to the hall on the second floor using the compact staircase illuminated by a sconce. The stairs also perform the function of closed storage system and bookshelves.

The balustrade, besides the attic window, is additionally illuminated and decorated with a wall panel of porcelain butterflies in organic style. From here we can get to the master bedroom and the child room.

One of the features of this bedroom is two attic shiny windows and the delicate chandelier similar to sakura twigs. Also stands out the panoramic window framed with tulle. The bedroom equipped with a dressing room and the bathroom.

We choose calm colors in bathroom decoration. Almost all bathroom’s objects mimic nature. Sconces, faucets and a clothes hanger are similar to twigs of a tree, the bathroom’s niche resembles a sand dune, and the bath itself froze in the form of a sea wave. Everything here is created for relaxation and harmony.

On the opposite side of the hall there is a child room. Bright room with jeans tones and yellow accents is created for active recreation and hopeful child’s discoveries! The room includes the rest and sleep, the working and sport areas, the dressing room.