This interior is the mix of glass, wood, ceramics, metal, glossy and matte surfaces. The color palette concept is based on nuance with a few contrasting elements. The interior designed in modern style with art deco features.

Entering the apartment, we see the large faceted mirror with console for little thing, embedded in a niche shoe cabinet and wardrobe with sliding doors. Then we get to the kitchen-living room with dining area. We’ve used lighting and marble decorated column for the space zoning.  Avoiding overloading of our interior, we chose the "transparent" light chandeliers and Murano glass lamps. For most practical flooring we used granite tile in the kitchen, hallway with a corridor and wooden parquet in the other areas. Wall with TV decorated with additional ceiling and floor backlight.

We have two versions of our bathroom: the soft coral and the icy lavender. There are a lot of ​art deco decorations here. Among them are the desk with chair and bedside tables, lighting, the door with a chrome frame and a dark mirror. There is also the mini-wardrobe and access to the individual bathroom.

The cabinet with the features of the contemporary style is contrasting to the bedrooms. Here we can see desk with chair, lamp illuminated lounge chair and highlighted solid shelves inlaid crocodile skin.

The bathroom is presented in the sandy and white colors. The front wall decorated with fluted tiles. The bath is decorated with mosaic. The rest of the bathroom is decorated with tiles of background  color.